Amazon Quiz Answers Today- 14 Dec Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers Today:- Dear Readers, Today Amazon quiz answers with you to win exciting prizes to give 5 Amazon Quiz Question answers which are offering daily for Amazon Application customers by Amazon India. You can win a big prize to give answers and can earn the Amazon Pay wallet balance. You can participate daily between 8 Am and 12 Pm. Amazon questions live daily at 8 am at Application.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Here we post daily amazon quiz answers for you so you can bookmark this page or you can visit daily this page. Amazon Daily Announce Quiz Time On Their App Portal In Morning 8 AM to 12 PM. You Can Win Free Smartphones, Amazon Pay Balance, Gadgets, Backpacks Etc From Playing This Amazon Quizzes. Amazon Quiz Answers Offer Is Valid For All Amazon Users.

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14 Dec Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon 30000 Pay Balance Quiz Time FZ Contest Timings & Prize Details
Amazon Quiz Today Prize – 30000 Pay Balance Amazon QuizTime
Quiz Date – 14 December 2021
Daily Timing – 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Winner Announcement – 14 December 2021, 11:59 PM

  1. Answer: (A) Avocados
  2. Answer: (D) Ladakh
  3. Answer: (C) Smriti Mandhana
  4. Answer: (B) Concorde
  5. Answer: (C) Wimbledon, 1967

21st July Amazon Quiz Answer

Question 1– What is the indigenously built Sajag, that was recently commissioned into the Indian Coast Guard?

Answer – Patrol Vessel

Question 2– Which country’s most volatile volcano is Mount Merapi?

Answer – Indonesia

Question 3– Abdulla Shahid is the first President-elect of the General Assembly from which country in the history of the UN?

Answer – Maldives

Question 4– What type of construction method does this building showcase?

Answer – Masonry

Question 5– What type of weapon was famously used by these soldiers?

Answer – Katana

Amazon 14th March Quiz

Question 1 – Who took a total of 11 wickets in the second pink ball Test ever to be played in India?

Answer – Axar patel
Question 2 –The Westminister Magistrates’ Court in which city cleared the extradition of Nirav Modi to India?

Answer – london
Question 3 – Founders Day is celebrated by scouts all over the world on 22nd February on whose birthday?

Answer – lord baden – powell
Question 4 –Who usually played the rhythm technique on this instrument in the Beatles?

Answer – john lennon
Question 5 – This kind of statue of a woman is often found in courthouses in order to represent what?

Answer – Justice

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 28th January – Win Echo 4th Gen

Answer 1 : Bandhavgarh National Park
Answer 2 : Visva-Bharati
Answer 3 : Moon
Answer 4 : A colour
Answer 5 : Keep time

Amazon Quiz Time Questions with Answers (17th January 2020)

1. Which former Indian president’s forthcoming memoir is titled ‘The Presidential Years’?
Ans: Pranab Mukherjee
2.Roscosmos, who recently launched the Angara A5 rocket, is the space agency of what country?
Ans: Russia
3.Which country was recently announced as the host of the 2030 Asian Games?
Ans: Qatar
4.This monument is dedicated to which is famous leader who spent 27 years in prison?
Ans: Nelson Mandela
5.Identify this mountain peak.

06 Jan Amazon Quiz Answers to Win Rs.10,000

  1. Aadi Mahotsav is an annual national festival celebrating what in India?
    • Ans : Tribes of India
  2. Operation Gideon was a failed attempt made by military company Silvercorp USA to remove the President of which of these countries?
    • Ans : Venezuela
  3. Regarded as the longest-running disease awareness initiative of its kind, what day is celebrated every year on December 1?
    • Ans : World AIDS Day
  4. Who is the ‘Jump man’ in these famous shoes?
    • Ans : Michael Jordan
  5. Name this plant-based dye associated with positive spirits and good luck in Indian culture
    • Ans : Henna

04 Jan Amazon Quiz Answers-

  • Jallikattu, India’s official entry in the International Feature Film category at the 93rd Academy Awards, is made in which language?
    • The answer is- Malayalam
  • Hassyan Clean Coal Power Plant, the first coal-based power plant of the Arab Gulf region, is located in which city?
    • The answer is- Dubai
  • What organization’s name would complete the title of this book: “Going Public: My time at ____” written by UK Sinha?
    • The answer is- SEBI
  • Parisians often refer to this monument as “Laa Dame de Fer”, which means what? (see Quiz Images in App)
    • The answer is- The Iron Lady
  • These graffitis are dedicated to which famous painter? (see Quiz Images in App)
    • The answer is- Salvador Dali

03 Jan Amazon Quiz Answer-

Prize- iPhone 12

  1. Gurpurab or Prakash Utsav is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of which guru?
    • Answer- Guru Nanak
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo who recently signed the biggest contract in NBA history with the Milwaukee Bucks was born in which city?
    • Answer- Athens
  3. ViacomCBS recently sold what publishing company to Penguin Random House for over $2 billion?
    • Answer- Simon and Schuster
  4. Name this food item that gets its name from an old German word for “bracelet”
    • Answer- Bagel
  5. These iconic post boxes are found in which country.
    • Answer- UK

02 Jan Amazon Quiz Answer-

  • In the first week of December 2020, the International Sand Art Festival was held at the Chandrabhaga beach located in which Indian state?
    • Ans: Odisha
  • The Sea Guardians, the maritime variant of the Predator MQ-9s are actually what that was recently inducted into the Indian Navy?
    • Ans: Drones
  • Replacing Imran Khwaja, George Barclay, a New Zealand based lawyer, has recently been elected to what coveted administrative post?
    • Ans: Chairman of the ICC
  • What scale was invented in a laboratory that focused specifically on making this beverage tastier?
    • Ans: pH scale
  • Identify the country from this ‘national’ sport.
    • Ans: Bhutan

31 Dec Amazon Quiz Answer-

  • In December 2020, Margaret Keenan, a British grandmother of four, became the first person in the world to receive what? Ans: Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine
  • Breaking, which was introduced in the Olympics for 2024, is the official name for which competitive ‘sport’? Ans: Breakdancing
  • Frank Carney, who recently passed away, started which popular fast-food chain in 1958? Ans: Pizza Hut
  • In this Oscar-winning Disney movie, this robot falls in love with which other robots? Ans: EVE
  • Found in Frankfurt, Germany, this installation is dedicated to what currency? Ans: Euro

26 Dec Amazon Quiz Answer

  1. The 129-year-old British era archaeological structure Moto Tunnel, which was recently restored, is located in which country?
    Ans : Pakistan
  2. The inaugural Sakhir Grand Prix was hosted in which country in December 2020?
    Ans : Bahrain
  3. Which iconic brand was built by Padma Bhushan winner Mahashay Dharampal Gulati who passed away recently?
    Ans : MDH
  4. This is view from inside a “cooling tower” usually found in which of these places?
    Ans : Nuclear Power Plants
  5. Name this breed of dog, beloved by Queen Elizabeth II, and is traditionally used to herd cattle?
    Ans : Corgi

23 Dec Amazon Quiz Answer to win Rs.15,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Q1- ATAL Academy is an online faculty development program launched by whom?
Q2- The controversial Pangda village is a new village built by China near the border of which country?
Ans- Bhutan
Q3- Which company chose Niagara Falls, a Chinese wind farm and a solar site in Germany to unveil its first all-electric sports car?
Ans-: Porsche
Q4- In the late 1800s, dogcatcher Karl Dobermann created this breed specifically to protect him while he worked what other job?
Ans- Tax collector
Q5- This is a phone launched by which company?
Ans- Samsung

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 17th December – Win Sony Multimedia Speakers

Answer 1 : Ice Bucket Challenge

Answer 2 : Airbnb

Answer 3 : New Zealand

Answer 4 : Larry

Answer 5 : Pen Hold

13 December Amazon Quiz Answer-

Question 1. Name the debut novel by Scottish-American writer Douglas Stuart, which won the 2020 Booker Prize.

Answer : Shuggie Bain.

Question 2. The interview of which famous personality in 1995 is being currently investigated by BBC if it was unduly coerced?

Answer : Princess Diana.

Question 3. As per a novel by Nancy Springer, Enola is the youngest sibling in which famous family?

Answer : Holmes.

Question 4. Which team won the World Cup in this sport in 2019?

Answer : Spain.

Question 5. Which of these actors has NOT played the role of this character in movies?

Answer : Mark Ruffalo.

 Amazon Quiz Answers Today 6th December – Win ₹10000 Amazon Pay

1) Along with Sur Sarovar in Agra, which other wetland has been added to the list of recognised Ramsar sites in November 2020?

Lonar lake

2) Baghjan gas leak occured in which state of India?


3) Gyalyum Sangay Choden Wangchuck, who won the 2020 United Nations Population Award, is the Queen Mother of which country?


4) Name the dish.

Eggs Benedict

5) This sketch is a tribute to which fictional detective?

Sherlock Holmes

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 5th December – Win ₹10000 Amazon Pay

1) The Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey or ARIEL, is a space telescope that is being built by which space agency?

Ans : ESA

2) The late Soumitra Chatterjee, is best known for his collaborations with which famous director, with whom he worked in fourteen films?

Ans : Satyajit Ray

3) Who was the first person to score a goal in the 2020-21 season of the ISL?

Ans : Roy Krishna

4) This is a view from the City Palace in which city, also known as the ‘White City’?

Ans : Udaipur

5) In which month in 2020 was this festival observed?

Ans : March

28 Nov Amazon Quiz Answer to win Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1. Which organisation recently launched new platforms to facilitate cybercrime-related communication among law enforcement agencies?

Answer : Interpol.

Question 2. OWNDAYS, a Japanese brand who has recently forayed into India with a series of retail stores, sells which of the following?

Answer : Eyewear.

Question 3. Which country’s parliament appoints the committee that selects the winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace?

Answer : Norway.

Question 4. What is the total number of dots that are there on both the dice?

Answer : 42.

Question 5. This delicacy is eaten so quickly that in local language its name means “flash of lightning”. Name it.

Answer : Eclair.

26 Nov Amazon Quiz Answer-

Question 1. Which airlines recently launched India’s first-ever seaplane services?

Answer : Spicejet.

Question 2. Which of these teams recently beat Germany 6-0 in a UEFA Nations League match?

Answer : Spain.

Question 3. President Martin Vizcarra was recently impeached by Congress in which South American nation?

Answer : Peru.

Question 4. This is the entry to which famous monument?

Answer : Taj Mahal.

Question 5. Which of these is an apt term to describe what is shown in the visual?

Answer : Hobbit Hole.

24 Nov Amazon Quiz Answer to win Win Xbox Series S

1) Who has been named as the new Ambassador for World Wide Fund (WWF) India’s Environment Education Programme?

Ans : Viswanathan Anand

2) As per Global Finance magazine, KfW Bank is considered to be the “World’s Safest Bank”. In which country is KfW Bank headquartered?

Ans : Germany

3) Starlink is a satellite constellation being constructed by which company to beam satellite Internet access across the world?

Ans : SpaceX

4) These ladies are on a tour of which country?

Ans : Egypt

5) Considered “the most influential environmental photograph ever taken”, on which mission was this photograph taken?

Ans : Apollo 8

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 21st November – Win ₹20000

1) How do we better know the No. 222 Squadron based out of Thanjavur of the Indian Air Force, the first squadron equipped with the BrahMos?

Ans : Tigersharks

2) Mesut Yilmaz, who recently passed away, was the former Prime Minister of which country?

Ans : Turkey

3) Which fintech giant recently announced that it would let users “buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrency”?

Ans : PayPal

4) This iconic monument , gives its name to a movie starring which of these actors of the 50s and 60s, in the lead role?

Ans : Pradeep Kumar

5) This is a picture of which legendary ship?

Ans : RMS Titanic

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 19th November – Win ₹20000

1) The upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson stars Colin Farrell as which iconic Batman villain?

Ans: The Penguin

2) The Maharashtra state government has released INR 57 crores recently for ASHA workers. What does ASHA stand for?

Ans: Accredited Social Health Activists

3) In a match against Inter Milan in November 2020, which Real Madrid stalwart scored his 100th goal for the club?

Ans: Sergio Ramos

4) This smartphone is manufactured by a company from which country?

Ans: China

5) This is a picture of a monument from which city?

Ans: Aurangabad

S20+ Amazon Quiz Answer|| 26 Sep Amazon Quiz Answer|

Question 1: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who recently re-signed with Arsenal, represents which country in international football?

Answer 1 – Gabon

Question 2: Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities’ is a movie directed by which painter born on September 17th?

Answer 2 – M.F Husain

Question 3: Which Asian city tops the list in the recently released ‘Global Smart City Index’?

Answer 3 – Singapore

Question 4: Which of these examinations scheduled on November 29th will now be for 2 hours instead of the earlier 3 hours duration?

Answer 4 – CAT

Question 5: What is this beautiful natural phenomenon called?

Answer 5 – Aurora Borealis

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 25th September 2020 | Win Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which of these teams recently went unbeaten to claim the 2020 Caribbean Premier League title?

Answer 1: Trinbago Knight Riders
Question 2: Which adhesive brand has recently been relaunched with the tagline ‘Repair is better than replace’?

Answer 2: Araldite
Question 3: ‘Ride together, Die together’ is the tagline of which movie that is currently the highest-grossing movie of 2020 worldwide?

Answer 3: Bad Boys for Life
Question 4: This famous Ferris Wheel is found in which city?

Answer 4: London
Question 5: This is a famous self-portrait of which artist?

Answer 5: Vincent Van Gogh

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 23rd August 2020 | Win Galaxy A31

Question 1. Youth Engagement for Global Action’ was the 2020 theme for which observance on 12th August?

Answer is – International Youth Day
Question 2. The recently released book ‘Connecting, Communicating, Changing’ chronicles whose 3rd year in office?

Answer is – Venkaiah Naidu
Question 3. Collin Morikawa recently became the first person since Keegan Bradley to win which tournament in his first appearance in the event?

Answer is – PGA Championship
Question 4.Which famous CEO born on August 19th in Hyderabad is one of the authors of the book ‘Hit Refresh’?

Answer is – Satya Nadella
Question 5.The poet Rahat Qureshi who recently passed away, was known by a name which reflected the city in which he was born. Which city was it?

Answer is – Indore

Amazon Quiz Contest All Answers Today 22nd August 2020

1. Rabindranath Tagore
2. Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima
3. Yashir shag
4. Bobby Deol
5. BR Ambedkar

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 13th July 2020 | Win Rs.50000

Question 1. Invented by and named after Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, the ’Miyawaki Method’ is a unique technique to do what?

Answer 1 is – Grow forests
Question 2. Recently lSRO’s Mangalyaan sent images of the biggest moon of Mars. What is it called?

Answer 2 is – Phobos
Question 3. The Hagia Sophia museum is located in which city?

Answer 3 is – Istanbul
Question 4. It has been announced that the Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary will soon get National Park Status. In which state is it located?

Answer 4 is – Assam
Question 5. Which of these cricketers is captaining the home side in the first Test since the COVID-19 induced hiatus?

Answer 5 is – Ben Stokes

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 12th July 2020 | Win Mi A3

Question 1. What is the name of the longest ever freight train- 2.8 km long, recently started by the Indian Railways?

Answer 1 is – Shesh Naag
Question 2. Which country just completed the BeiDou constellation, one of four global navigation networks alongside GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo?

Answer 2 is – China
Question 3. Which Indian organization is licensed to build Sukhoi Su- 30MKl, and has completed the production of more than 270 fighters?

Answer 3 is – HAL
Question 4. Which Indian cricketer was named as the country’s ‘Most Valuable Player‘ (MVP) of the 21st century by Wisden?

Answer 4 is – Ravindra Jadeja
Question 5. Which apparel company launched a campaign around Black Lives Matter called, “For Once, Don’t Do lt”?

Answer 5 is – Nike

GoPro Hero 8 Amazon Quiz Answer || 10 July Amazon Quiz Answers-

Question 1. Which country is helping Bhutan set up the 600MW Kholongchhu Hydro Electric Project?

Answer : India.

Question 2. The Amazon Prime series ‘Breathe: Into the Shadows‘ stars which of these Bollywood actors?

Answer :

Question 3. Recently inducted by the Indian Navy, after which mythical character is the indigenously developed anti-torpedo decoy system named?

Answer : Abhishek Bachchan.

Question 4. Which global tech firm was the latest to pick up a stake in Jio Platforms for INR 1,894.50 crore ?

Answer : Intel.

Question 5. Which country’s Revolutionary Guards Corps plans to establish a permanent military base in the Indian Ocean by March 2021?

Answer : Iran.

Amazon Quiz Answers for 9 July 2020 – Win Rs.50000 Amazon pay balance

Q1. Who recently became the third Indian to get inducted into the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires?
Ans- Nitin Menon

Q2. Which carmaker’s share price recently crossed $1,000, making it worth more than Ford, General Motors, Honda and Fiat Chrysler put together?
Ans- Tesla

Q3. Jean Castex has been named the new Prime Minister of which country, following the resignation of Edouard Philippe?
Ans- France

Q4. Who was the first recipient of the Filmfare Best Choreography Award?
Ans- Saroj Khan

Q5. Energia Space Corporation of which country recently announced its plans for taking the first tourist on a spacewalk by 2023?
Ans- Russia

Amazon Quiz Answers for 8 June 2020 – Win Rs.15000 Amazon Pay Balance – 3 Winners

Q1. The 440m long Chamba tunnel has recently been inaugurated in which state?
Ans- Uttarakhand

Q2. What useful letter arrangement was created by Christopher Sholes to lessen spelling mistakes and increase speed of writing?

Q3. India Post has partnered with which state government to deliver ‘Shahi Lichi’ and ’Zardalu Mango‘ at the doorstep of people?
Ans- Bihar

Q4. How do we better know the No.18 Squadron of the Indian Air Force that is equipped with HAL Tejas?
Ans- Flying Bullets

Q5. Which mountain peak was summitted for the first time on May 29, 1953?
Ans- Mount Everest

2 June Amazon Quiz Answers

1. The movie Ghoomketu released on an OTT platform very recently, stars which of these directors in an important role?

Ans: Anurag Kashyap

2. Telia Rumal, that recently got a GI tag, is from which Indian state?

Ans: Telangana

3. The Indian roller (A bird) is also known in India by a name that is associated with Lord Shiva. What name?

Ans: Neelkanth

4. In abbreviations such as ASLV, PSLV, GSLV, what do the letters ‘LV’ stand for?

Ans: Launch Vehicle

5. In 1988, the WHO passed a resolution announcing the observance of a day on May 31st every year, denouncing the usage of what?

Ans: Tobacco

Amazon Quiz Answers for 30 May 2020 – Win Bosch Washing Machine

Question 1: Which Indian state is the first to run inter-state electric bus services?
Answer: Maharashtra

Question 2: Which country recently launched The Space Domain Mission Unit to monitor and counter threats against their satellites?
Answer: Japan

Question 3: Neeraj Kabi, recently in focus due to his performance in Paatal Lok, earned critical acclaim for his role in which of these movies?
Answer: Ship of Theseus

Question 4: Which of these famous hockey players scored 5 goals in India’s final victory in the 1952 Olympics against Netherlands?
Answer: Balbir Singh Sr.

Question 5: The current UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres hails from which country?
Answer: Portugal

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 29th May 2020 | Win GoPro Hero 8

Question 1. Which famous foreigner after whom a city in India is named, landed on Indian shores on 20th May 1498?

Answer 1 – Vasco da Gama

Question 2. The Western Ghats, one of the eight hotspots of biological diversity in the world, is spread across how many Indian states?

Answer 2 – 6

Question 3. Which French company helped Indian Railways manufacture the 12000 HP electric locomotive?

Answer 3 – Alstom

Question 4. Ada. Seva Sadaiv” is the motto of which of these Indian organizations?

Answer 4 – NDRF

Question 5. Which Indian FMCG company recently launched their e-commerce app ‘OrderMe’?

Answer 5 – Patanjali

Amazon Today’s Morning Quiz All Answers: Play & Win LG W30 Pro Today.

1. Does Fenway Sports Group own which football club that is currently top of the table in its domestic league?

Answer: Liverpool.

2. Who among these has been posthumously awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2020?

Answer: Arun Jaitley.

3. Who has forayed into the Electric Vehicle market with their new offering iQube Electric?

Answer: TVS Motor.

4. Which famous character actor is playing the role of Indian team manager PR Man Singh in the movie 83?

Answer: Pankaj Tripathi.

5. Bal Shakti Puraskar is an annual award presented by the Indian President to whom?

Answer: Children.

Amazon Today’s Morning Quiz All Answers: Play & Win Canon M200 Mirrorless Camera Today|| 26 May Amazon Quiz Answers

1. KK Shailaja who recently appeared on the BBC talking about combating the COVID- 19 crisis is the Health Minister of which state?

Answer: Kerala.

2. The UN Secretary-General has suggested using pre-recorded messages from world leaders during the next UNGA session. What does GA stand for, in UNGA?

Answer: General Assembly.

3. Which of these famous actors has played the following roles- Byomkesh Bakshi and Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Rajit Kapur.

4. Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico crowned which lady born on May 14, 1997 as Miss World 2017?

Answer: Manushi Chhillar.

5. Which cricketer born on May 27, is the first Indian to hit six sixes in an over in first class cricket?

Answer: Ravi Shastri.

Amazon Quiz 5 May 2020 Answers – Canon M200 Mirrorless Camera

Q1. Complete the title of this upcoming film: ‘ ___ in the Multiverse of Madness’

Answer – Doctor Strange

Q2. Ironwoman athlete Candice Falzon is the wife of which Australian cricketer whose family videos have gone viral during the lockdown period?

Answer – David Warner

Q3. Which of these television shows with Sarvadaman Banerjee playing the lead character is returning to small screens on DD National?

Answer – Shri Krishna

Q4. ‘Made in India’ is a memoir of which famous Indian actor and model?

Answer – Milind Soman

Q5. Abhishek Tripathi- the Gram Sachiv, is the central character of which web series?

Answer – Panchayat

4 May Amazon Quiz Answers

Q.1. According to Forbes, what is the claim to fame of a certain eight-year-old boy named Ryan Kaji?

Ans- Highest Paid Youtuber

Q.2. Mount Paektu is a sacred mountain in which country?

Ans- North Korea

Q.3. Which company recently provided 60 custom-built bike ambulances for COVID-19 patients in India?

Ans- Hero Motocorp

Q.4. Tianwen-1, meaning heavenly questions, is the first Mars exploration mission of which country?

Ans- China

Q.5. Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who recently passed away, was the longest-serving ruler of which country?

Ans. Oman

Amazon Quiz 2 May 2020 Answers – Lenovo Gaming Laptop

Q1. Which Indian organization started the ‘Team Mask Force’ campaign to spread awareness about COVID-19?

Answer – BCCI

Q2. Princess Sofia of which country has recently undergone intensive online training to become a COVID-19 healthcare volunteer in her country?

Answer – Sweden

Q3. Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles and Eugene Krabs are all characters in which animated series?

Answer – SpongeBob SquarePants

Q4. Which magazine celebrated Earth Day’s 50th anniversary with its first-ever flip-over issue?

Answer – National Geographic

Q5. As seen in a popular documentary, how do we better know a former zookeeper named Joe Exotic?

Answer – Tiger King

Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers- Win LG W30 Pro Smartphone| 29 April Amazon Quiz Answer

Question 1 of 5:

NASA’s Juno spacecraft recently captured a stunning image of the northern regions of which solar body and its swirling, chaotic atmosphere?

The Answer is- Jupiter

Question 2 of 5:

The Red Guardian is a character to be introduced to the MCU in the Black Widow movie. In which country was he born?

The Answer is- Russia

Question 3 of 5:

How do we better know the Korean candy Ppopgi? (Hint: A famous coffee trend currently running all over social media)

The Answer is- Dalgona

Question 4 of 5:

The recently launched book, ‘Shuttling to the Top’ is the biography of which Indian sportsperson?

The Answer is- PV Sindhu

Question 5 of 5:

Which famous actor born on April 24th in Gajanur, was also known as Nata Saarvabhouma (emperor of actors)?

The Answer is- Dr. Rajkumar

28 April Amazon Quiz Answer| Amazon Quiz Answer Today| Canon M200 Amazon Quiz Answers

Q1. For a song, along with band BTS, which singer holds the Guinness Record for the most-viewed YouTube video in a 24 hour period?

Answer is – Halsey

Q2. In the Amazon Prime series, Panchayat who plays the role of the official Pradhan of the village, Phulera?

Answer is – Neena Gupta

Q3. ‘Houston, We’ve Had a Problem’ – is a phase associated with which NASA mission that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary?

Answer is – Apollo 13

Q4. The Ministry of Tourism in India has launched a new webinar series called _______?

Answer is – Dekho Apna Desh

Q5. Which country is scheduled to host the 2020 edition of the Asian Boxing Championships?

Answer is –India

Amazon Today Quiz Answers | 27th April Amazon Quiz Answer 2020 | Win ₹50000 Pay Balance

Q1. Which tech giant recently launched ‘TalkBack’ – a braille keyboard for their visually challenged users?

Answer is – Google

Q2. In the upcoming movie ‘Thalaivi’, Prakash Raj is playing the role of which political rival of the lead character?

Answer is – M. Karunanidhi

Q3. Survey of India has developed which e-platform to collect Geo-tagged information related to COVID-19?

Answer is – Sahyog

Q4. Recently the Indian Tri-color was projected by Switzerland onto which mountain to send a message of hope?

Answer is – Matterhorn

Q5. In April 2020, who was named the Wisden Leading Cricketer of the Year for 2019?

Answer is – Ben Stokes

Amazon Quiz 16 April 2020 Answers – Rs.20,000

Q1. Brendan Cowell is the narrator of a recent Amazon Prime series based on which cricket team?

Answer – Australia

Q2. Toofan is an upcoming movie based on professional boxing. Which actor is playing the lead role?

Answer – Farhan Akhtar

Q3. Celebrated worldwide on April 22, __ is focused on the environment and was originally conceptualized by Gaylord Nelson of the US. (Fill in the blank)

Answer – Earth Day

Q4. National Civil Service Day is observed on the day when _ addressed the probationer Administrative Services Officers in 1947. (Fill in the blank)

Answer – Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Q5. Students from which Indian institution recently won a COVID- 19 hackathon challenge organised by Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

Answer – Manipal Institute of Technology

Amazon Quiz Answers | 15-Apr-2020 | Win Samsung Galaxy Note 10

1) ‘Shared Cultures, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility’ is the 2020 theme for which day started by UNESCO and observed on April 18?
Ans – International Day for Monuments and Sites

2) Which of these actors who acted as a rapper in his debut movie, would star in a spiritual sequel to the 2005 hit Bunty aur Babli?
Ans – Siddhant Chaturvedi

3) Which Indian scientist born on April 14th, was the recipient of the prestigious Dr APJ Abdul Kalam award in 2019?
Ans – Kailasavadivoo Sivan

4) On 13th April, India pays homage to the victims of which infamous massacre in 1919?
Ans – Jalianwalabagh Massacre

5) The non profit body AIF has launched an initiative to protect the underprivileged communities against the COVID- 19 crisis. Expand AIF.
Ans – American India Foundation

Amazon Quiz 14 April 2020 Answers – Alexa Eco Show

Q1. ‘Operation Namaste’ is the initiative of which Indian armed force to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country?

Answer – Indian Army

Q2. Vidya Balan is playing the title role in an upcoming biopic based on which mathematician?

Answer – Shakuntala Devi

Q3. Who among the following has developed a low-cost portable ventilator called ‘Prana-Vayu’?

Answer – IIT Roorkee

Q4. Tony Lewis, who recently passed away, was the co-inventor of what used for settling weather-affected cricket matches?

Answer – Duckworth-Lewis method

Q5. Which of these tennis tournaments has been cancelled for the first time since World War II?

Answer – Wimbledon

Rs.15000 Amazon Pay Quiz Answer|| 13 April Amazon Quiz Answer

1. Which international multi-sport event is meant for sports or disciplines, that are not contested in the Olympic Games?

Answer : World Games.

2. Kamarajar Port is situated on which coast of India?

Answer : Coromandel Coast.

3. The Gateway is a proposed NASA space station in orbit around which space object?

Answer : Moon.

4. Which global institution releases the The Global Economic Prospects – a publication on the state of the world economy?

Answer : World Bank.

5. Which recently launched web series is set in the remote village of Phulera in Uttar Pradesh?

Answer : Panchayat.

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Q1. The daughter of Gokuladas and Vrajkunwerba Kapadia born on this date (11 April) in 1869 was the mother to Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas and Devdas. Who was she?

Ans – Kasturba Gandhi

Q2. Dr. Balram Bhargava is the current Director-General of which Government of India institution?

Ans – ICMR

Q3. Which group video chatting app, which has recently had a sudden burst of popularity was launched by Life on Air, Inc. in 2016?

Ans – Houseparty

Q4. Dzongkha is the national and official language of which neighbouring country of India?

Ans – Bhutan

Q5. Which global institution recently issued ‘Pandemic Bonds’ for the first time to raise money for the COVID-19 crisis?

Ans –World Bank

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Question 1 – Which activist referred to as Mahatma born on 11th April, formed the Satyashodhak Samaj to attain equal rights for the unprivileged?

Answer is – Jyotirao Phule

Question 2 – The Dumurjala stadium was recently converted into a 150 bed quarantine facility. In which state is it located?

Answer is – West Bengal

Question 3 – Which of these is one of the stages in the Men’s 2020 ICC T20 World Cup, as per the initial tournament schedule?

Answer is – Super 12s

Question 4 – Which of these is the theme for World Health Day 2020 observed on April 7?

Answer is – support nurses and midwives

Question 5 – Which of these social reformers born on 14th April was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna in the same year as Nelson Mandela?

Answer is – BR Ambedkar

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Question 1: Which famous musician born on April 7th at Varanasi created music for Satyajit Ray’s famous Apu trilogy?

Answer: Ravi Shankar

Question 2: Recently demised Air Vice Marshall (Retd) Chandan Singh Rathore- a 1971 war hero is a recipient of which of these awards?

Answer: Maha Vir Chakra

Question 3: WWE’s flagship event, Wrestlemania was held under closed doors without an audience in 2020, where was it scheduled originally?

Answer: Ray Jay, Tampa Bay

Question 4: ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ is the tagline of the upcoming 3rd edition of which movie series?

Answer: Conjuring

Question 5: National Maritime Day is celebrated on April 5th, on the occasion of a ship owned by which company sailing from Mumbai to the UK?

Answer: Scindia Steam Navigation

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Question 1. Which of these is a people movement that appeals to switch off your lights at home for an hour on March 28 every year?

Answer is – Earth Hour

Question 2. Which of these singers recently put on a free performance on Instagram for his fans, calling it ‘Together at Home’?

Answer is – Chris Martin

Question 3. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the current Director-General of which global organisation?

Answer is – WHO

Question 4. Starring Abhishek Bachchan and Rajkummar Rao, Anurag Basu is directing a 2020 dark comedy anthology film named after which game?

Answer is – Ludo

Question 5. Former Olympic champion Thomas Bach is the current elected President of which international sports body in the news?

Answer is –IOC

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1) The recently opened Singshore suspension bridge is the highest bridge of which Indian state?
Ans – Sikkim

2) Which Indian state commemorated Shaheed Diwas on March 23 as Youth Empowerment Day?
Ans – Punjab

3) Which ‘royal’ is set to be the narrator of a new Disney film about a family of elephants and their journey across Africa?
Ans – Meghan Markle

4) Mayiladuthurai recently became the 38th district of which Indian state?
Ans – Tamil Nadu

5) ‘Mourning en masse’, ‘Days of glory’, ‘Raising of Lazarus’ are famous artworks by which famous Indian artist?
Ans – Satish Gujral

4 April Amazon Quiz Answers|Amazon Quiz Answer Today

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Q.1. On April 1st, 2019, the Netherlands wing of which company announced that it had developed a product that allows a user to ’talk to a Tulip?

Ans- Google

Q.2. Which former Vice President, born on April 1st, was the Permanent Representative of India to the UN from January 1993- January 1995?

Ans- Mohammad Hamid Ansari

Q.3. Which former India international was the head coach of the Bengal team that made it to the final of the 2020 Ranji trophy?

Ans- Arun Lal

Q.4. Which famous comedian born on April 2nd, first came to prominence after winning The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2007?

Ans- Kapil Sharma

Q.5. On 24th March, Google launched a doodle celebrating Banh Mi, a street food sandwich originating in which country?

Ans- Vietnam

3 April Amazon Quiz Answers Win Firefox Mountain Cycle|| Amazon Quiz Answer Today

Question 1. Using the new ‘Crew Dragon’ spacecraft which organization announced plans to send 3 tourists to the International Space Station in 2021?

The answer is – SpaceX

Question 2. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh recently released a book titled ‘Invincible’ on which former Indian minister?

The answer is – Manohar Parrikar

Question 3. Ignaz Semmelweis, a 19th-century obstetrician, is now widely credited with discovering the medical importance of which of the following?

The answer is – Hand Washing

Question 4. Shaheed Diwas is observed on March 23rd to honor the day when Rajguru, Sukhdev Thapar and ________ attained martyrdom? (Fill in the blank)

The answer is – Bhagat Singh

Question 5. Which of these upcoming movies starring Akshay Kumar, is a remake of the famous Tamil horror movie Kanchana?

The answer is – Laxmi Bomb

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Q1. What does CET, the new exam for various government jobs proposed by the Indian government, stand for?
Answer : Common Eligibility Test

Q2. Which of these days is observed on 27th March by ITI- a world organization for the performing arts?
Answer : World Theatre Day

Q3. Swavalamban Express is a special train journey launched by SIDBI for which group of people?
Answer : Entrepreneurs

Q4. Daniel, an 18 year old who made his debut for AC Milan on 2nd February, 2020 is the son of which AC Milan legend?
Answer : Paolo Maldini

Q5. Who among these stepped down from the board of Microsoft in the 2nd week of March, 2020?
Answer : Bill Gates

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Q.1. Which famous actress born on March 24th, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the movie Zero Dark Thirty?

Answer: Jessica Chastain.

Q.2. Whose North London home was bought by the Maharashtra government and refurbished to transform into a memorial-cum-museum?

Answer: BR Ambedkar.

Q.3. The website for ________ observed on March 22nd has sections namely- Learn, Share, Be Safe. (Fill in the blank)

Answer: World Water Day.

Q.4. Jaydev Unadkat is the captain of which regional cricket team in the Ranji Trophy?

Answer: Saurashtra.

Q.5. Which nation will chair the first virtual summit of G20 nations?

Answer: Saudi Arabia.

31 March Amazon Quiz Answer|Canon 1500D DSLR Amazon Quiz Answers

Q.1.  Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose birth centenary was celebrated in March 2020, was the founder President of which country?

Ans – Bangladesh

Q.2. Which Indian badminton player recently won the BBC India ‘Sports Woman of the Year’ Award?

Ans – PV Sindhu

Q.3. Which of these Bollywood actors is playing the lead role in the remake of the Govinda hit Coolie No. 1?

Ans – Varun Dhawan

Q.4. On 23rd March, the WMO came into force, and a day is thus celebrated to draw attention towards weather and climate. Expand WMO.

Ans – World Meteorological Organization

Q.5. Which city had to withdraw from hosting the Olympics in 1908, after a nearby volcano eruption?

Ans – Rome

Amazon Quiz Answers Today- 30 March Amazon Quiz Answers

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Question 1. Born in Karnal on 17th March which lady was part of the crew of ‘Columbia’ as a mission specialist and primary robotic arm operator?

The answer is – Kalpana Chawla

Question 2. The upcoming movie Shershaah starring Siddharth Malhotra is based on the life of which military hero?

The answer is – Vikram Batra

Question 3. Who is the first Indian cricketer to play in 150 Ranji Trophy matches?

The answer is – Wasim Jaffer

Question 4. As per the 2020 World Happiness Report, which was named the happiest country in the world for the third year in a row?

The answer is – Finland

Question 5. The month of March is named after the Roman god of _____? (Fill in the blank)

The answer is -War

28 March Amazon Quiz Answers| Win Qubo Indoor Camera Quiz Answers

Question 1. Which car manufacturer makes the Electric Vehicle known as Leaf?

The answer is – Nissan

Question 2. Which player scored 2 goals for Atletico de Kolkata in the final on Saturday to claim an unprecedented third Indian Super League title?

The answer is – Javier Hernandez

Question 3. The Adventures of a Daredevil Democrat’ chronicles the story of which former Indian Chief Minister?

The answer is – Biju Patnaik

Question 4. In which city are the recently restored tombs of Taramati and Premamati located?

The answer is – Hyderabad

Question 5. What kind of device is SuCheck, developed with assistance from the Indian Council of Medical Research?

The answer is – Glucometer

Amazon 25 March Quiz Answers|| Amazon Quiz Answers 25 March

Question 1) The astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have managed to successfully cultivate which nutritious salad crop?

Answer is – lettuce

Question 2) On March 8th, 2020, who become the first captain to lead a side in any ICC Cricket World Cup event final on his or her birthday?

Answer is – Harmanpreet Kaur

Question 3) The Kimberley Process is an international certification scheme that regulates trade in which product?

Answer is – diamond

Question 4) A newly discovered grasshopper species has been named ‘Kaikaia __’ after which singer known for her ‘wacky fashion sense’?

Answer is – Lady Gaga

Question 5) Which actress has been roped in to star in film-maker Anurag Kashyap’s first international project titled ‘Talkh’?

Answer is – Anigra Dhar

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Question 1. In the movie Onward, if Tom Holland is the voice for Ian Lightfoot, which fellow MCU star is the voice for Ian’s brother Barley?

The answer is- Chris Pratt

Question 2. President Ram Nath Kovind recently administered the oath of office to Mr. Bimal Julka for which post?

The answer is – Chief Information Commissioner

Question 3. The World Boxing Council has created a championship belt, embellished with purple and gold colors, in honor of which NBA legend?

The answer is – Kobe Bryant

Question 4. To whom did Mukesh Ambani lose the tag of Asia’s richest man, after a $5 billion-plus loss, in part due to the collapse of oil prices?

The answer is – Jack Ma

Question 5. Which is the name of the dedicated storefront on to display ‘women entrepreneurs’ products to customers across the country?

The answer is – Saheli

Amazon iPhone XR Quiz Answers|22 March Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1. NASA has awarded which company with a $117-million contract to provide launch services for its Psyche mission?

The answer is – SpaceX

Question 2. Auto manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra plans to launch a cab aggregator, called Alyte, for whom?

The answer is – Corporates

Question 3. Which Mumbai-based acrobatics dance group won America’s Got Talent: The Champions Season 2 finale?

The answer is – V.Unbeatable

Question 4. Who among the following was the Player of the Series in the 2020 Women’s T20 World Cup?

The answer is – Beth Mooney

Question 4. Liu Yifei is starring in the lead role in a live-action adaptation of which famous Disney animated feature?

The answer is – Mulan

Amazon Quiz Answers for 18 March 2020 to win Oppo Reno2 Z

Q1 – Which Of These Amazon Prime Series Features Srikanth Tiwari, An Intelligence Officer For T.A.S.C As The Central Character?

Ans – The Family Man

Q2 – Bolt Mobility Is An Electric Scooter Rental Company Co-Founded By Which Famous Sportsperson?

Ans – Usain Bolt

Q3– What Was The First International Agreement To Affirm The Principle Of Gender Equality?

Ans – UN Charter

Q4 – Sneha Mohandoss, Malvika Iyer, Arifa, Kalpana Ramesh, Vijaya Pawar, Kalavati And Veena Devi – All Took Over What On 8th March, 2020?

Ans – Prime Minister’s Twitter Handle

Q5 – Which Singer In The News For Her Performance At A Sporting Event, Is Known For Singles Such As ‘Roar’ And ‘Firework’?

Ans – Katy Perry

Amazon Quiz Answers for 7 March 2020 | Win Dyson Air Purifier

Q1. Rial is the official currency of __. Fill in the blanks.
Ans- Iran

Q2. Which of the following national parks is located in Rajasthan?
Ans- Keoladeo National Park

Q3. What is the chemical symbol of lead?
Ans- Pb

Q4. Wellington is the capital of which country?
Ans- New Zealand

Q5. India has the shortest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world. (True or False)

Amazon Quiz Answers for 3 March 2020 | Win Armani Watch

Q1. What is the name of the app that helps writers to keep track of complex narratives, recently launched by Vikram Chandra?
ans- Granthika

Q2. Which teams played in the finals of the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup 2020?
ans- Bangladesh and India

Q3. Which Premier League team has been banned from the UEFA Champions League for 2 seasons for failing to comply with Financial Fair Play regulations?
ans- Manchester City

Q4. Which challenge became a viral sensation after a singer uploaded a collage of four images to her Instagram feed on January 21, 2020?
ans- Dolly Parton Challenge

Q5. Who shared the 2020 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year with Lewis Hamilton?
ans-Lionel Messi

27 Feb Amazon Quiz Answers to win Rs.5000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1 – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation invested in which online pharma startup based in Gurugram in Feb 2020?

The answer is – 1mg

Question 2 – Which team is gearing up to become the first F1 team to celebrate their 1,000th race, and recently unveiled the SF1000?

The answer is – Ferrari

Question 3 – Whose signature can be found on the new one Rupee currency notes?

The answer is – Finance Secretary

Question 4 – United by Emotion’ is the official motto of which 2020 sports event to be held in Tokyo?

The answer is – Summer Olympic

Question 5 – In the TV sitcom Friends, which famous actress played the role of Susie Moss, a schoolmate of Chandler?

The answer is – Julia Roberts

Amazon Quiz Answers for 25 Feb 2020 | Win Sony 1000XM3 headphones

Q1. Who played the role of an imaginary version of Adolf Hitler in the movie Jojo Rabbit?
ans- Taika Waititi

Q2. Which Vietnamese city, with a dazzling new street circuit, is the latest addition to the F1 calendar?
ans- Hanoi

Q3. Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra has been renamed after which late Union Minister?
ans- Sushma Swaraj

Q4. As per the Guinness World Records, the current oldest living man on the earth belongs to which country?
ans- Japan

Q5. ________ is the highest award for a military unit in India. It was recently bestowed on INS Shivaji which comprises of 130 Officers and 630 sailors of the Indian Navy. (Fill in the Blank)
ans-President’s Colour

The answer of Today’s Amazon Quiz – Win Bose 700 Headphones | 25th January 2020 Amazon Quiz Answers

Question 1. Who recently bought the jewelry company Tiffany’s for $16.2 billion?

The answer is – LMVH

Question 2. What is the color of the black box found in airplanes? (Hint: the Black box is an electronic recording device placed in an aircraft for the purpose of facilitating the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents)

The answer is – Orange

Question 3. Who has conferred the Polly Umrigar Award (2018-19) for being the best international cricketer at the BCCI Annual Awards?

The answer is – Jasprit Bumrah

Question 4. The eruption of the Taal volcano prompted the evacuation of at least 30,000 people. In which country is this volcano?

The answer is – Philippines

Question 5. The Sewell is the second-largest rough-cut diamond discovered in history. Where was is it recently found?

The answer is –Botswana

Amazon GoPro Hero 8 Quiz Answers [17th January 2020, 8 AM To 12 PM]

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17 Jan Amazon Quiz Answers

Q1- Which famous person born on 15th January, delivered the iconic ‘I have a dream’ speech at Washington?
Ans: Martin Luther King Jnr

Q2- Utkalika is the state emporium of which Indian state?
Ans: Odisha

Q3- The Hundred’ is a cricket tournament in England to be launched in 2020. What does the Hundred refer to?
Ans: Number of balls in an innings

Q4- More than 1 billion animals may have been killed in wildfires ravaging which country in 2019-20?
Ans: Australia

Q5- Which of these popular animated series is set in the fictional town of Springfield?
Ans: Simpsons

13 JAN Amazon Quiz Answers

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Q1- Which organization maintains the ‘Stolen Works of Art Database’?

Q2- In 2019, who became the first batsman to score more than 20000 international runs in a decade?
AnsVirat Kohli

Q3- Dadasaheb Phalke Award is India’s highest award in which of these sectors?
Ans: Cinema

Q4- Mandu Festival is organized by the tourism board of which Indian state?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh

Q5- Christina Koch recently set the record for the longest ______ by a woman. (Fill in the blank)
Ans: Spaceflight


6 JAN Amazon Quiz Answers

6 jan amazon Quiz Answers

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  • Quiz Time- 8 AM – 12PM

Question No.1.  Who recently became the first-ever badminton player to earn over half a million USD in the prize in a single year?

Answer- Kento Momota

Question No.2. Good Governance day is observed in India each year on the same day as which of these occasions?

Answer- Christmas

Question No.3. Pajamas are Forgiving’ and ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’ are books written by which celebrity born on December 29th, 1974?

Answer-  Twinkle Khanna

Question No.4. In the 2nd week of December 2019, who changed her Twitter bio to ‘A teenager working on her anger management problem’? (It has changed since then)

Answer-Greta Thunberg

Question No.5.  Which famous rock band collaborated with AR Rahman to create the song ‘Ahimsa’??

Answer- U2

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Today Amazon Quiz Answers- 28 December 2019

Question No.1.  Which element was discovered on the Sun before it was discovered on Earth?

Answer- Helium

Question No.2. In which country is Mount Vesuvius located?

Answer- Italy

Question No.3. In 305 BC, which Maurya ruler defeated Alexander’s general Seleucus Nicator?

Answer-  Chandragupta Maurya

Question No.4. The Portsmouth College in the UK offers a course to its students in which of these languages?

Answer- Hinglish

Question No.5.  Which team won the 2018 FIFA Club World Cup?

Answer- Real Madrid

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  • This Contest will commence on 28 Dec 2019 from 08:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 28 Dec 2019 11:59:59 a.m. (IST) (“Contest Period”)
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  • Once you have signed-in to the App, you can participate by navigating to the page where 5 (five) questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period.
  • Thereafter, if you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled to a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered that particular question correctly.
  • The draw of lots will be carried out during the Contest Period for the questions and a total of 1 (one) participant will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots.
  • The declared winner(s) will be eligible for winning a Prize (hereinafter referred to as “Prize(s)”).

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