Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile Game

Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile Game:- Hi Readers, Today we are back with amazing things for you. Today we talk about gaming smartphones which are best for PUBG or PUBG lite. Below given smartphones, you can easily play your PUBG mobile game and can enjoy your gaming with high-quality features in below-given Smartphones.

You need not take any kind of break or need not any hassle while playing PUBG. Here we have recommended Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile Game.

Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile

Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG Mobile Game as we already know is one of the most popular games in India and It has been downloaded by more than 1 billion users worldwide. This game has become one of the most popular games in such a short span of time after its launch. Tencent’s game is the developer of this game.

Best Phone To Play PUBG Under 15000

Tencent’s game in association with the Sony graphic industry has developed this PUBG game and has introduced much such award-winning competition in the world for the players in which players can win a lot of amount of money as a reward for winning this game. Although this is an action game I don’t think it needs an introduction but for those who don’t know, PUBG is a PVP game. It is an online multiplayer game in which there are different modes.

Best Gaming Phone 2020

In one such model called classic mode in total, 100 unarmed players are made to gather in the field with different arms, and other survival types of equipment which they need to collect and fight against each other till the end. This game has an amazing graphic that needs a powerful phone or PC to be played on.

Thus it is highly recommended that there should a minimum required a smartphone to play this Mobile game. For choosing a phone to play this game certain things should be kept in mind. These are the processor of the phone, GPU of the phone and battery that last long so that player can enjoy the game very efficiently without any problem.

Best Gaming Smartphones Under Rs.20000

For such a player, we have made wonderful Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile Game list of the phone which can be very useful for playing hi-end games like PUBG. So let’s begin this list of the best gaming smartphone available in the market.

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Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile

S.N. Smartphone Model Name Buy Online Link
1. POCO F1 BY Xiaomi  Shop Now
2. ASUS ROZ Phone 2  Shop Now
3. Redmi K20 Pro  Shop Now
4. OPPO Reno 2Z Shop Now
5. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 Shop Now


Best Budget Phones for PUBG Mobile

1.POCO F1 by Xiaomi-

Gaming Smartphones 2.

The Poco F1 Smartphone may look like an average mid-ranger mobile from the outside, but under the hood is a flagship Snapdragon 845 which has been the best chipset for mobile gaming so far. The base variant of the phone which is priced at Rs.17,999 has 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage which is enough to run PUBG Mobile at the highest graphics settings. On GameBench, we registered 40 FPS while the stability was at a high 98 percent.

More than that, the phone has a dedicated cooling system that draws heat away from the CPU so that long hours of gaming doesn’t hamper the performance. There’s also a large 4,000 mAh battery that easily lets you play for hours without depleting the battery. The reason we’re not calling the Poco F1 the best for playing PUBG Mobile is that the phone has been plagued by touch and display issues. Furthermore, the design of the phone is now outdated with bezel-less phones making their way to the Indian market. This one is Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile so use it and tell your view us.


2. ASUS ROZ Phone 2-

This Smartphone is made for Gamers and is thus called a gaming Smartphone. It comes with 5000 MH large battery with supercharge abilities and is powered by one of the most powerful chipsets to date Snapdragon 855. Also as this phone is developed keeping in mind all the requirements of the player this smartphone provides an external console for playing all the high-end games like PUBG, fortnite, Asphalt 9, etc.

It has a super AMOLED screen which not only gives the best experience of the game but also provides correct contrast and saturation of the display which nowadays is one of the most important factors that affects and attracts all the Gamers around the world. The body of the smartphone is also a perfect design and manufactured by the manufacturer keeping in mind the needs of the players.

High-grade metal and carbonate have been used for developing the body of this phone this not only makes the phone durable long-lasting but also keeps the smartphone lightweight. This one is Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile so use it and tell your view us.


3. Redmi K20 Pro-

As the company itself has a tagline A flagship killer. Redmi K20 Pro is one of the newly launched smartphones with high quality maintained and powerful working devices to date. It is powered by one of the fastest and newly launched chipsets owned by Snapdragon.

It has a chipset of Snapdragon 855, which not only provide it with the best performance but also reduce battery consumption and improve its GPU and graphic capabilities. Attracting the design of the phone makes it one of the most popular phones which have been tank as a gaming phone in the market.

Gaming Smartphones 2.

The smartphone also comes with a revolution in the sector off camera with some new technique called pop up selfie camera which not only increases its sensing power but also leads the industry towards a new beginning. Also, proper measures have been taken in account while developing this phone so that whenever player place a high-end game which required a lot of battery and power consumption which in turn radiate a lot of heat which make phone warm.

Many other amazing features of the phone like 48-megapixel camera some other that sensing camera also makes it very attractive and most popular gaming smartphone in this price segment. It has been priced at 27 thousand rupees in the Indian market which is one of the best parts of the smartphone. This is one of the cheapest gaming smartphones in the world. This one is Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile so use it and tell your view us.


4. OPPO Reno 2Z-

Newly launched OPPO Reno 2z has become very popular among games in the marketplace. There are many features that are kept in mind while developing this smartphone. Although this smartphone is not termed as the gaming smartphone it can be considered as a gaming smartphone because all the features that this phone provides to its users are as par with all the features of the gaming smartphone. This one is Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile so use it and tell your view us. Gaming Smartphones 5

This smartphone is powered by MediaTek helio P90 which is one of the most powerful and most advanced chipsets in the market. It has the same performance as a Snapdragon 855 chipset and also gives better performance in some cases. The price of this phone is Rs.29,999 in the Indian market. Give the best performance of the PUBG game as it has a super AMOLED screen with Bezel-less display and the world’s first quad-camera.


5. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2-

The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 smartphone was a quick successor to the previous stock-Android mid-ranger by the Taiwanese giant, and it makes a strong argument at being one of the best phones for gaming in the mid-range segment. With 6GB RAM and a Snapdragon 660 processor, it has enough resources to handle long hours of gaming, especially intensive titles like PubG Mobile. On GameBench, the Max Pro M2 delivered stable frame rates of 26FPS with little lags.

While that’s not the max PubG Mobile FPS can go, it’s enough to play competitively online. The 5,000mAh battery makes the Zenfone Max Pro M2 last longer than most mid-rangers while gaming. This one is Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile so use it and tell your view us.



Final Words- Although there is much more amazing smartphone in the market above-mentioned Gaming smartphones are best when all the parameters are considered. These are the price range, processors, camera, display and battery which are most important for a gaming Phone.

So this where some of the most popular Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG in India in a price range of fewer than Rs.30,000 which we think can be given by any of the gaming smartphone lovers in India. I hope you like Best Gaming Smartphones for PUBG Mobile Game article and find it important in deciding your best gaming phone.

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