Yulu Bike Free Ride, Yulu Refer Code for free ride

Yulu Bike Free Ride:- Dear Readers, Today we are sharing amazing things with you. I think you have used UBER, OLA and other cab sharing platforms. But have you used the Yulu platform? Yulu is an awesome platform. Let me tell you more details about the Yulu Bike Free Ride.

Yulu is India’s Dockless & truly Smart Public Bike (Bicycle) Sharing Service that is solving the first and last mile connectivity and short distance commute problem in cities. You can even Pay using Paytm in Yulu Cycle.

Yulu Bike Free Ride

Yulu Bike Free Ride

Yulu is a Micro-Mobility Platform service with a mission to solve first mile, last mile and short distance commute problems in urban cities and doing so in a sustainable manner by providing smart electric MMV (Micro-Mobility Vehicles). Commuting via Yulu not only helps reduce traffic congestion but also controls air pollution, thereby making your city a better place to live in.

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Yulu Referral Code- LV20VM9

Yulu Bike Ride- Yulu uses MMVs which are custom designed for Indian roads and fitted with a secure lock system. Each vehicle is integrated with a smartphone app that gives you, as a rider, better access, and convenience to take a ride right when you need it. To ensure convenience and better accessibility, we have created designated Yulu Zones in the cities we serve. A Yulu MMV can be picked up from anywhere in the city but must be dropped at Yulu Zones only. An active ride will not end outside a Yulu Zone.

Yulu Miracle Bike Working Cities 

Yulu is currently present in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Bhubaneswar.

Steps to Avail Yulu Bike Free Ride-

  1. Download Yulu Bike Application from Google Play Store or APPLE store
  2. Open and go for Sign Up
  3. Enter your details like name and mobile number and verify it.
  4. Now Enter Yulu Referral code as LV20VM9 to get a free ride
  5. Sign up and unlock your Cycle by scanning QR code
  6. Now you are ready to Use Yulu Cycle.

How to Earn Free Yulu Bike Ride?

1) Go to Menu and you will see the option Earn Free Rides

2) Open that and here you will find your Yulu Referral code.

3) Share your Yulu Cycle referral code with your friends to earn free rides.

4) The More you share your Yulu Cycle Referral code the more you will get free rides in Yulu App.

In case you have any issues with our service and you contact Yulu Support, then Yulu will use your email to update you on the status of your issue.

How to End Yulu Bike Ride?

Check for the nearest Yulu Zone on the app. Park your bike at the Yulu Zone and manually lock the bike. Click on the End Button in your app to successfully end your ride.

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Some FAQ For Yulu Free Ride- 

Here we are sharing some FAQs for you.

Q.1.How to find Yulu Near Me?

Answer- To find a Yulu near you, simply open the Yulu app. You’ll automatically be taken to the map screen, showing all available Yulu MMVs in your area. If you don’t see any vehicle icons displayed on the map, zoom out to search a wider area.

Q.2. How do I unlock Yulu Bike?

Answer- To unlock a Yulu MMV, simply open the Yulu app and tap on the ‘Unlock’ button at the bottom of the screen. From here, either scan the QR code using your phone’s camera or manually enter the 6-digit vehicle code located beneath the QR code.

Q.3. Where I can Ride a Yulu?

Answers- Yulu can be ridden on streets, in bike lanes, and on bike paths. Please respect all traffic laws and do not ride your Yulu on the sidewalk.

DOs (Your safety is important to us) DON’Ts (Avoid getting into trouble)
Do a pre-ride quality check of a Yulu Don’t park the vehicle in a basement or any unsafe place
Always follow traffic laws Don’t leave the vehicle lock open in Pause mode
Ride safely, Park responsibly at a Yulu Zone only Don’t Pause the vehicle for more than 3 hours
Avoid obstructions on the road and overspeeding Don’t leave the vehicle unattended during the night
In case of any problem, write to us at [email protected]

Q.4. Where I can Park A Yulu Bike?

Answers- Yulu has designated Yulu Zones displayed on the app and Yulu allows you to park a vehicle at a Yulu Zone only. You cannot end a ride if you are not at a Yulu Zone however, you can use our Pause feature to pause your ride and resume later. For your convenience, please check if there is a Yulu Zone close to your destination before you start your ride.

Final Word- Hope, Yulu Bike Free Ride will helpful for you. If you have any issue then you can comment below and Follow Us Twitter & Facebook

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