JioCloud Storage using, Smart Features

JioCloud Storage:- JioCloud is a cloud storage app for your selfies, photos, assignments, documents, songs & stories – files of any type and size. You can access your files using this data storage app from any smartphone, computer or even from your TV.

What is JioCloud Storage?

JioCloud is a premium cloud storage service, which gives you free storage on signing up. It is an easy way to store, sync, stream, and share data for business or with friends and family. It is like carrying an invisible hard disk, containing all your collection of music, photos, documents, and contacts wherever you go.
JioCloud Storage

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JioCloud Storage Refer Code- X7MCNM

How do I start using JioCloud Storage?

If you have a Jio account, you do not need to create a separate JioCloud account. The login credentials you use to sign in to MyJio will also be used to sign in to the JioCloud app.
To start using JioCloud, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the JioCloud app from Google Playstore or Appstore.
  2. You can also login to JioCloud from our website
  3. Enter your Jio User ID and Password to log in.
  4. Use Refer Code- X7MCNM
  5. Once JioCloud log in is complete, you can start uploading and Syncing files to JioCloud.

JioCloud Storage Smart App, Smart Features

  • Zero-click backup- Simply enable auto backup to keep your phone data safe to online storage. All your existing and new files will be backed up automatically to free cloud storage.
  • Create & Share Memories- This is an additional feature of this storage drive app for Smartly Collaborating with friends and family. Create Boards for a holiday trip, birthday parties, wedding or group projects to share photos, videos, music or docs.
  • Sync across devices- File updates on the online drives are automatically available on all your devices. Sync contacts across all your phones and tablets. This free cloud storage is available as a mobile, web and desktop app for all kinds of devices.
  • Easy categorization- Create playlists and albums to categorize photos, videos, and music for easy access.
  • Interactive de-dupe– Easy detection of all duplicate contacts in your address book.
  • Offline access- Mark files to access them without the internet.
  • Cloud address book– One address book across all your devices.
  • Instant playback- Watch videos and listen to music files without any delay and without downloading them to the device.
  • Selective-sync- Select specific folders for sync from the current PC to save bandwidth costs.
  • Mobile phone restores- Restore content from your old phones backed up on JioCloud to your new phone.
  • Backup settings- Flexibility to switch network (mobile/Wi-Fi) and choose the backup file type.

What is the storage limit for my JioCloud account?

On signing up for JioCloud, you get free cloud storage space that is bundled with the plan purchased by you. You can use this space to sync and upload content from your phone.
For users on the Jio Happy New Year Offer, for instance, the bundled plan gives you a subscription of the JioCloud 5GB pack, where you get a free cloud storage space of 5GB.

How to increase Jiocloud storage?

You can increase your JioCloud Storage by sharing this application with your friends and family members. Jio is offering 10GB Free space per successful refer up to 50 GB. This offer is currently working in persent so start to refer and grab your free space up to 50 GB. You can refer max 5 persons using JioCloud Refer Code.

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