Remove CoronaVirus Caller Tune Instantly

Remove Corona Virus Callertune Instantly:- Dear Readers, I hope you are enjoying our services or posts. Today we are sharing the best post with you where you can avoid Corona Virus Callertune Instantly. While calling to any operator you are listing Corona Virus caller tune because this is taking almost 30 seconds but you must be taken care of yourself from cough cold etc. Let me tell you, in brief, to Remove Corona Virus Callertune Instantly.

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Remove Corona Virus Callertune Instantly

Remove Corona Virus Caller Tune

The government of India has got the best way to aware or save from Corona Virus using the Telecom sector to the public. The Department of the telecom sector has given orders to all operators to set this caller tune to aware to the public.

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The Corona Virus Awareness caller tune is absolutely free of cost for all the users instead of using an exiting caller tune. But your caller tune will not listen to your users. You are also getting SMS in other ways also. I hope please be careful about your health and take care of yourself.

This message is playing in Hindi and English language and it is telling to cover up while coughing and sneezing, cleaning hands with soaps, and avoid touching face and nose also. In case of fever or any kind of disease, it advises calling the helpline number 011237978046.

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Steps to Remove Corona Virus Callertune Instantly

Above Caller Tune Message’s Duration is 30 Seconds and We Need To Wait till This Corona Callertune Completes. Sometime During an Emergency call, This Caller tune Becomes Frustrating.

We Have Tested Below Way To Remove Or Instantly Stop The Corona Caller and It Worked In Some Of Telecom SIMs.

  1. First Of All, Just Dial The Regular Call To Your Contact
  2. Corona Caller Tune Will Start Instantly After Dialing.
  3. Instantly Press The 1 Key or # From Keypad Or you can press any key to avoid caller tune.
  4. You Can Even Press Multiple Times If This Doesn’t Work Once.
  5. Corona Caller Tune Will Stop and You Will Get Regular “Tring Tring” Caller Tune.

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Note – This is Tested Working In Airtel SIM Cards & Vodafone Idea SIM Cards. In Reliance Jio & BSNL, Corona Callertune Continues Till Recipient Pick Up The Call.

Final Words- I hope we have tried it to avoid caller tune while calling to anyone. Use the steps to Remove Corona Virus Callertune Instantly.

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