Zerodha Referral Program- Earn 10% Brokerage & 300 Reward Point

Zerodha Referral Program:- Dear Readers, Today we are going to share a referral program for the trading platform Zerodha which is India’s number one Discount Broker in India in 2021. So if you want to sign up for trade & investment then you can use this number one platform Zerodha. Let me full details with you to grab the full details about Zerodha Referral.

शेयर मार्किट जोखिमो के अधीन है तो निवेश करने से पहले सभी दस्तावेज ध्यान से पढ़ ले!

Discount Broker Zerodha

Zerodha Discount Broker

Zerodha is India’s no.1 discount broker and too much popular broker too. It gives many reasons to invest to use Zerodha in 2021. With many other services, Zerodha is offering benefits to its customer with its Zerodha referral program and its features so you can use this platform to start invest using Zerodha. Sign-up Now

Zerodha’s flagship trading platform Kite Web as an Android app! Clean & intuitive UI, super-fast, and super light backend for all your investment and trading needs.

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Zerodha Kite App Features:-

-Built from scratch using brand new technologies
-Significant speed improvements
-Brand new design, everything from login to the order window
-Biometric (fingerprint and Face ID – iOS) 2FA for seamless logins and better security
-Embedded Console reports and widgets
-TradingView charts along with ChartIQ on both web and mobile
-Universal overview screen for all instruments
-Instant status update after order placement
-Order update push notifications
-Extended filter and search options on MarketWatch, holdings, etc.
-Customisable multi-MarketWatch views
-Multi-exit on positions
-Seamless login to other apps in the Zerodha Universe
-Dark mode!

Zerodha Referral Program:-

Zerodha is also giving an opportunity to earn using Referal Program so you can share your Zerodha Client Code to with your following person and can earn 10% brokerage charges from him/her and 300 reward points. So Signup from the below link and get 300 rupees worth of reward points as a welcome bonus to your every referee.

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Zerodha Charge or Pricing for Trade-

Zerodha Charge or Pricing for Trade

Zerodha chargesEquity deliveryEquity intradayEquity futuresEquity options
BrokerageZero Brokerage0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lowerFlat Rs. 20 per executed order
STT/CTT0.1% on buy & sell0.025% on the sell side0.01% on sell side0.05% on sell side (on premium)
Transaction chargesNSE: 0.00345%
BSE: 0.003%
NSE: 0.00345%
BSE: 0.003%
NSE: 0.002%NSE: 0.053% (on premium)
GST18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)18% on (brokerage + transaction charges)
SEBI charges₹5 / crore₹5 / crore₹5 / crore₹5 / crore
Stamp charges0.015% or ₹1500 / crore on buy side0.003% or ₹300 / crore on buy side0.002% or ₹200 / crore on buy side0.003% or ₹300 / crore on buy side

If you want to understand in a good manner then visit Zerodha Official Website- Visit Now

Zerodha Account Opening Charges-

Type of accountEquity (for trades on Equity, F&O, and Currency)Equity (for trades on Equity, F&O and Currency) and Commodity (MCX)
Online account₹ 200₹ 300
Offline account₹ 400₹ 600
NRI account (offline only)₹ 500N/A
Partnership, LLP, HUF, or Corporate accounts (offline only)₹ 500₹ 800

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How to create Kite by Zerodha account with a Zerodha referral link?

You have to sign up and need to pay some charges according to the given above so you can grab your account by given below methods within 2 3 days or some time instantly.

  • First of all, You must have to sign up using a given link- Sign Up
  • Now after opening the sign-up page you have to enter your Mobile Number.
  • Now you have to verify your mobile number with OTP.
  • Next, you have to enter your details like your name and Email. Enter your name according to your Aadhar card.
  • You have to verify your email id with OTP.
  • After verifying your mobile number and email id. The main process starts from here. There will be 7 steps to complete the Zerodha account.
  • Enter your pan card and date of birth. Enter the date of birth according to your pan card.
  • you need to pay some money to use Zerodha. Check the below image for details. ( if you stop here. Someone will call you within 24 hours saying some great features of Zerodha).
  • you can pay money with a preferred payment option.
  • your profile in step 3 you have marital status, mother’s name, and background details. Fill in the details according to you.
  • link your bank account. In step 4 fill your Bank IFSC Code, Zerodha will automatically fill the Branch MICR code. After entering IFSC, confirm your bank account. And finally, agree to their terms and conditions.
  • Webcam verification (IPV) Step 5 you have to verify the code. Write the code on the paper and show the code like the below sample pose.
    • If may face some lighting issues while showing the code. Try opposite colors Like using a black pen on different paper. I have faced some issues on this page. Firstly, I have used a blue pen on white paper.
    • Secondly, I have used a black pen on pink paper. Don’t try for the too-perfect image. Even it is somewhat visible they will accept.
  • Upload documents:-
    • copy of the canceled cheque/ statement. ( i got an e-statement from my bank with my name and number.) If you e-statement You can upload like me if not follow their introductions
    • Income proof (this is optional no need to upload)
    • signature: (write your signature on a white paper. Crop it and upload it.
    • Copy of pan: take a pic of your pan card and upload it.
  • eSign Verify your Aadhar card with OTP.
  • Click on the eSign option you will be redirected to another page. You have to verify your Mail id with OTP. After that, it will be redirected to NSDL Page.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and verify it with OTP.

That’s it you have successfully created your Zerodha account with the referral link. It will be automatically redirected to the Congratulations page. Within 12 -24 hours, you will receive Id and password.

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How to share the Zerodha Referral link?

As you read you can earn 10% brokerage of your each and every friend and 300 reward points by referring your invite link so you can share your Zerodha referral link by the below-given method

  • To refer your friends’ open kite by Zerodha app
  • Click on the profile option.
  • Invite friends.
  • View rewards.
  • Copy your referral link on this page.
  • And start to share your link.

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